The Most Satisfyingly-Gross YouTube Channel Isn’t Dr. Pimple Popper — It’s Better

By YouTube standards, the game of Who Wore It Better is actually called Who Skeeved Out The Internet More, and most people would agree that Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos beat out the rest. That is, unless you’ve watched any of the clips uploaded by Never Ending Callus, because if there were ever anyone that could challenge the reigning dermatologist to a binge-watching match and win — it’s him.
Like the D.A.R.E. films you watched in class growing up, the videos of this guy (he has not yet released his name) shaving off his thick, yellow-tinged heels each week are gruesome and shocking, and yet we can’t look away. It’s as if an extraction video met Baby Foot at a bar one night, and had a grotesquely beautiful baby named Never Ending Callus. (Which, of course, could not physically happen — but let that draw you a picture.) “I have always had crazy calluses,” he tells Refinery29. “I figured I would post a video once a week and use it as a way to make trimming my feet a little more fun while spreading some awareness and shocking others.”

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